Doll Sewing Series – 90’s Street Wear Outfit

by Claire

The Doll Sewing Series is your ‘go to’ guide for inspiration and sewing advice for doll sewing projects. Today’s edition will show you how to make a 90’s inspired street wear outfit including short dungarees, vest top and checked shirt. The model is my old Sindy who has had a very ‘Ginger Spice’ style re-root – so the 90’s outfit works well with her new hair!

If your doll is in need of re-rooting to make her look her best (my daughter gave mine a ‘haircut’!) then check out my beginner’s guide to re-rooting.

This outfit reminds me of my university years – slouchy and perfect with my much loved Doc Martin boots!

Here’s everything that you’ll learn in today’s edition:

  • What patterns to use to create the outfit
  • How to find the right fabrics for the outfit
  • How to adjust patterns to fit your doll

The patterns

The pattern I used for this outfit is sadly no longer available, but I’ve found some similar patterns from the same designer which will work instead. ‘Requiem Art Designs’ Etsy store now has a dungaree shorts/dress pattern which will achieve the same look. It’s the ‘Overalls’ pattern for Medium Girl dolls. The pattern also includes a cute ruffle top, which can be made without the sleeves to turn it into a vest top. Just hem the armholes by hand.

The shirt pattern isn’t available for girl dolls, but there is a boy doll version which would work instead. I always wore men’s checked shirts in the 90’s, so a baggy shirt will work well! It’s part of the ’90’s Street Wear’ pattern for Slimline Boy Fashion Doll from the Requiem Art Designs store. You’ll need to adjust the sleeve length to fit your doll. You can also check the size of the pattern against your doll before you cut out your fabric. If you need to scale a pattern down or up, then adjust the scale settings on your printer.

The fabrics

Dungaree shorts

One of the best things about sewing for doll’s is that you can upcycle children’s clothes. I used a toddler sized pair of trousers in a very lightweight denim for the dungarees. This meant the fabric had some variation in the colouring which worked well. For doll sewing, lightweight fabric is always best – as it is less bulky when sewn.

When upcycling clothes, look out for detailing which you can use – like the stitching on the front of these dungarees.

Vest top

For the vest top, I upcycled some unworn undies! Underwear is often a thin, soft and stretchy fabric with lace already attached. You can get creative and use the lace as a feature on the bottom of the vest top.

Checked shirt

The checked fabric is a lightweight cotton which was the only new fabric I used. Make sure the checked pattern is close together so it is in scale with the doll, particularly if the fabric has contrasting colours.

The finished outfit

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