Lottie doll pinafore dress – free sewing pattern

by Claire
Lottie doll dress sewing pattern

If you’ve not met Lottie yet, she is an adorable 7.5″ doll based on a 9 year old child’s proportions and inspired by children. She was even the first doll in space! Check out the Lottie Dolls website if you want to find out more. There are not too many free Lottie doll sewing patterns available, so I thought I would design a simple pinafore dress pattern for you to sew for your Lottie dolls. The free dress sewing pattern can be downloaded below and you’ll find step by step instructions with photos to help. I’ve also included a printable version of the pattern with instructions.

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  • Main fabric – a lightweight cotton is ideal. I used a blue cotton chambray as it has a denim colour but is nice and lightweight.
  • Lining fabric – for the bodice lining and contrast pockets.
  • Leather offcut (thin) about 1cm x 7 cm or 5mm doll straps (see Etsy link below) or 5mm ribbon.
  • Tiny overall buckles x 2
  • 3 or 4mm studs (rivets) x 6
  • Stud/ rivet setter
  • Matching thread
  • Hook and eye or snap for back closure (you could also use hook and loop tape)
  • Fray check liquid (stops fraying)

Download the Lottie doll pinafore dress sewing pattern

First download the free pattern – using the link below:

Step 1: Get ready to sew

Doll dress sewing
Pin the pattern onto the fabric following instructions on the pattern

Print out the pattern – when printed check that the box in the bottom corner measures 1″. Cut out the pattern pieces and pin them onto your main or lining fabric – following the pattern instructions. Cut out. Apply fray check to raw edges (except arms, shoulder and neck) as this will stop them fraying and avoids the need to finish them.

Sewing tip – the seam allowance (how far from the edge of the fabric you sew) is approx. 4mm and is shown by the dotted line on the pattern.


Step 2: Line the bodice

Sew doll clothes
Sewing the bodice of the dress

Fold the lower edge of the bodice lining under and press – see straight line on the image above. Sew.

Next, place the bodice lining, right sides together, on top of the main dress front. Sew from under arm, all round armhole, shoulder and neckline to other side under armhole. Clip curves (snip tiny triangles where the ‘v’ shapes are on the picture, being careful not to snip into your seam). Fold right side out, poke out the corners and press.

Step 3: Making the pockets

Making doll dress pockets
Hemming the top of the pockets

Repeat the following steps with both pockets. Fold the top edge of the pocket piece and press. Hand sew along the straight dotted line shown in the image above. Next, you need to shape the bottom of the pocket into a curve. To do this sew a line of running/ gathering stitches around the bottom of the pocket between the dots. I did this by hand as it was easier.

Step 4: Shape the pockets

Doll sewing - shaping pockets
Shaping the pockets around the template

Next you’ll need to make a template to help shape the pocket curves. To do this, cut out the inside of the pocket pattern piece and lay it on some thin cardboard. Draw around it, then cut it out. Place the cardboard template inside the pocket and draw up the gathering stitches to gather the curves around the template. Press with template in place.

Step 5: Attach the pockets

Doll dress sewing instructions
Sewing the pockets to the front of the dress

Pin the pockets in place on the front of the dress (using the pattern as a guide). Sew to front of dress (see grey lines on image above) by hand or machine if feeling confident!

Step 6: Dress back

Back of doll dress
Sewing the dress back.

Press and sew the top of each of the dress back pieces.

Step 7: Sew side seams

Doll dress sewing instructions
Attaching the back of the dress to the front, sewing lines in grey

Pin the back pieces to the front dress, right sides together. Sew the side seams (see grey dotted lines). Press side seams open.

Step 8: Attach buckles

Doll buckles
Attaching the doll buckles with rivets

Cut two straps 7cm length x 5mm wide from thin leather (alternatively you can use 5mm wide ribbon and sew straps instead of using rivets). Fold one end over about 7mm over. Thread dungaree clip on. Make a hole using bradawl through both layers. Insert rivet base through folded leather, place rivet cap on top and use setter tool and hammer it together. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

YouTube video by Charlene Lui (of Charlene Lu Design on Esty) showing how to set the rivets.

Step 9: Attaching the straps

Attaching straps to doll dress
Attaching straps to front of the dress.

Make a hole in the top of the bodice (as shown on the pattern) and insert rivet base. Add rivet cap and close rivet (as previous instructions). Repeat on other side. Then make holes in top of skirt (centre of each side – as shown on the pattern).

Step 10: Attach straps to back of dress

Attaching straps to dress
Attaching straps to back of dress

Attach other end of straps to the skirt using rivets as shown above.

Step 11: Back seam

Doll dress sewing instructions
Dress back seam – sewing line in grey.

Fold skirt in half and sew back seam up to mark. Press seam open.

Step 12: Back fixing and hem

Doll dress sewing instructions
Back of Lottie pinafore showing sewing lines.

Sew around the back opening (which should be pressed back). Add hook and eye to close opening at top of skirt back. Press hem and sew.

Sewing tip: You can choose different fastenings for the back of doll clothes. Hook and loop tape is easiest for younger children to use. I prefer either snaps or hook and eye, as hook and loop tape does does get stuck to other clothes and can damage them.

Claire x

All finished!

Before you go…

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I’m planning some more Lottie doll makes – follow me on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Claire x

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