Doll Bunny Ears

by Claire

Get your dolls ready for Easter egg hunts by making them super cute felt doll bunny ears! They are made with pipe cleaners and felt, and decorated with felt flowers.

Doll bunny ears image

What you need:

  • 10 cm elastic (1/2 cm width – it’ll be hidden so you can use thinner or thicker if that’s what you have)
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • Light brown felt square 30 cm
  • Pale pink felt (enough for inner ear – see template)
  • Pastel felt for flowers (or you can order ready cut felt flowers – see below)
  • Matching thread (brown and pink)
  • Pattern – download here

How to make them:

Cut two square of brown felt 8 1/2 cm x 9 cm. Fold in half then trace the outer ear shape onto the felt. Repeat for the second ear. Next sew around each ear, leaving a gap at the bottom and on the straight parts at the base of the ears. Trim close to your stitching.

Cut out the two inner ear pieces. Place them in the middle of the outer ear and sew a line in the centre using pink thread.

Fold two pipe cleaners in half and trim to 9 cm high (to match your ear with about 1 cm sticking out). Insert into the ears so they follow the shape of the ear. Cut the pipe cleaner at the bottom.

Cut a length of brown felt 26 x 3.5 cm. Place the last pipe cleaner in the centre of the felt. Then fold length-ways and sew along the long edge. Trim any excess pipe cleaner.

Squash the felt so that the seam is underneath, then make two slits in the top of the headband approx. 9.5 cm from each end of the headband. Insert the pipe cleaner at the base of each ear into each slit and twist over the headband pipe cleaner. Fold the felt at the base of the ears over the headband. Stitch over the ends of each ear to secure to the headband.

Sew one end of the elastic to the end of the headband. Measure the headband on your dolls head and cut the elastic to fit, so it is snug. Then sew the other end of the elastic onto the headband.

Make felt flowers and sew or glue to the headband. You could also use pom poms or paper flowers if you don’t want to make felt ones. I’ve set up a board on my Pinterest with felt flower tutorials if you need ideas of how to make them – follow the link to my Pinterest account (and follow me once you’re there!).

For more Easter crafting, check out the doll sized Easter basket.

Happy Crafting and Happy Easter, let’s enjoy it as best as we can in the current circumstances.

Claire x

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