Mini wooden Easter egg painting – Craft time for dolls

by Claire

The girls had a busy day today painting doll size mini wooden Easter eggs ready for Easter. They found lots of ideas on Pinterest and decided that they wanted to give it a go. They thought you might like to try decorating some mini wooden Easter eggs too; they’ve shared how they painted them below, so why not give it a go today!

What you’ll need

  • Mini wooden Easter eggs (we found ours at Cloud Craft )
  • Acrylic paints (assorted colours – it’s up to you – remember you can always mix primary colours to get the colours you want)
  • Sharpies (if you want to add some details but don’t fancy painting)
  • Varnish (not essential but gives a shiny finish)
  • Foil gilding flakes (again not essential unless you want to make eggs with a gilt effect)
  • Paint brushes

How to paint your Easter eggs

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Design

    Sketch some designs on paper so you know what you want to do. As the eggs are small, keep it simple.

  2. Transfer design

    Draw you designs onto the egg in pencil if necessary (helpful for stripes).

  3. Paint

    Mix up your paint colours and paint your designs. If you’re adding detail on top of a main colour (i.e. spots) then make sure your main colour dries first. We hung them up to dry using tiny pegs!hanging eggs to dry

  4. Add foil flakes

    If you want to add foil flakes, add your base colour, then add the flakes using a dry paintbrush when the paint is still wet. You just have to press the flakes into the paint to make them stick.

  5. Varnish

    Once the paint has dried you can add a varnish and admire your handiwork!Finished eggs

“We had great fun decorating our wooden Easter eggs – we hope you did too? Let us know how you got on by commenting below – we love hearing from you!”

Grace and Aura

If you want to make an Easter basket you can find instructions here

To make a Bunny ear headband, follow this link

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