Mini painted wooden peg dolls – for your American Girl dolls

by Claire

I’ve been slightly obsessed with the amazing painted wooden ‘peg’ dolls for sale on Etsy and have pinned so many to Pinterest – as they just have a real innocence about them. I love how the creators create fun characters using paint and simplifying features. As usual when I see something I like, I think – ‘it can’t be that hard to do…’! So in a moment of lockdown boredom I ordered a box of 50 wooden peg dolls from Amazon (for the kids to do, of course!).

I had to decide how to paint my little wooden characters, so I decided to create a mini version of Grace (American Girl of Year 2015). As it turned out okay, I decided to try some other doll inspired characters. You can see how I got on below. If you do want to give it a go, you’ll need acrylic paints, very fine paintbrushes and lots of patience as working on such small dolls is really tricky. If you want to make life easier, the mixed boxes of peg dolls do come with larger dolls. I just liked the smallest ones as they are perfect for an American Girl doll to call their own!

From left to right, Joss, Grace, Luciana and Blaire
Grace with her mini me wooden doll
They really are tiny!
Grace with all her new mini friends
The Usual Suspects
Mini Grace posing for her close up
Which is your favourite?

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Claire x

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