Vintage Pippa Doll collection

by Claire

My daughter was given a box of small jointed dolls by her Grandma and I was always curious about the dolls and their vintage outfits. So after some research I discovered they are Pippa dolls. They were made by Palitoy, a British toymaker from the early 1970’s to 1980. They are smaller than Sindy and Barbie at 6.5 inches.

Pippa was definitely a mini fashion icon. There were lots of different fashion collections for Pippa and friends – from Paris and Amsterdam to New York. Here is our little collection…

The pictures below are of Marie modelling the ‘Vondel Park’ dress from the Amsterdam collection.

My favourite dress – ‘Tulip Girl’ from the Amsterdam collection, modelled by Pippa

This green and pink floral dress came with the Pippa doll – I love the bold print.

This outfit came with the ‘Dancing Tammie’ doll.

Marie loves this silver dress – it wouldn’t look out of place if she wore it out tonight! It’s not from a collection, but a Pippa Fashion pack.

I love this white lace mini-dress with silver beads, but haven’t been able to find any images that link it to Pippa dolls – any ideas? Please comment below.

This pink dress with lace details is another fashion pack.

I think this top is homemade, the skirt is from a ‘mail away’ fashion set which came with a poncho.

Pippa does have a dancing outfit – but with a pink tutu. I think this outfit is a Sarah Louise one, not Pippa.

Enjoy the gallery!

Start your own Pippa collection

If you have a box of Pippa’s hidden in your loft, why not get them out, dust them off and do a photo-shoot! Or if you don’t have any Pippa dolls, then why not start a little collection? There are some dedicated Pippa websites to help with your new habit.

Start with PippaDoll – it has lots of resources for collectors, including photos of the Pippa Trade catalogues which have great illustrations. There is also a ‘Pippa ID parade’ which helps to identify your dolls. If you have some dolls in need of some minor TLC then head over to these pages on the PippaDoll website which show you how to clean and re-style your Pippa’s hair. If you doll needs a more major makeover – like these two do, then there are some hints and tips on the Crazy Daisy Dolls website.

Britt and Marie – in need of a hairdresser after some lockdown hairdressing – they thought it looked easy on the Youtube tutorial…

Then I discovered a whole world of custom Pippa dolls which are amazing – just head over to see Tracy Farrant’s website Crazy Daisy Dolls and check out the gallery to see some of her beautiful creations.

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