How to make a simple and cute Barbie Halloween T-shirt

by Claire

Who doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween? Make sure your dolls are not left out by making them these simple and cute Barbie Halloween t-shirts. They are made using a simple vintage pattern and fabric transfers to turn a plain t-shirt into a Barbie or Sindy Halloween t-shirt. Ready for that all important Halloween party!

What you need:

  • Black jersey fabric scraps 9″x10″ (23cm x 26 cm) (I up-cycled a pair of girls leggings)
  • White cotton fabric scraps (if using light fabric transfers)
  • McCall’s Pattern 5462 #755 (vintage 1980s pattern – pdf available from Etsy shop Gail’s doll e patterns.)
  • Avery A5 t-shirt fabric transfer sheet (either for light or dark fabrics – read the instructions below first!)
  • Matching thread
  • Iron
  • Sewing supplies (needle, scissors)
  • Optional – lace or other embellishments
  • Download and save the Halloween images below (you can then upload them to the Avery Design & Print software)

How to make your Halloween t-shirt:

Make the Halloween t-shirt following the instructions with the pattern – you need to make top ‘A’. It’s an easy t-shirt pattern to use, as it’s all in one piece – so no tricky sleeves to add. I did all the sewing by hand as I find it easier with small pieces. The pattern is for Barbie dolls, so if you’re making a t-shirt for a doll with a larger head like Sindy (that doesn’t come off easily), then add a small opening at the back of the neck and check it goes over their head before you sew the neckline hem. I customised the pattern by doing different sleeve lengths and a cropped version (which you can see in the image below). Sindy’s t-shirt is cropped with lace added to the bottom hem.

Adding the creepy and cute transfers:

Download and save the images (above) you want on your t-shirts onto your computer. If you’re using Avery transfers, then open up their online Design and Print software. You can then enter the code on the transfer packet and start a project. You add the images you want to print and re-size them so they are about 1″ square. Once you’re done you can preview the file before you print. The programme reverses all the images automatically before printing so you don’t need to worry. You can print a test page before using your transfer paper.

I discovered after ironing on all my transfers to the t-shirts that there are two types of fabric transfers available, ones for light fabrics and ones for dark fabrics! So you have two options here:

The moment before I discovered that transfers for ‘light’ cottons don’t show up on black fabric!

Option 1:

Use the dark fabric transfers and iron your images directly onto your t-shirts (following the instructions on the packet).

Option 2:

Use the light fabric transfers, iron your images them onto white cotton fabric, then cut them out – leaving a small seam allowance. Apply fray stop to the raw edges (if you have it) then fold the edges under and over sew around all four sides to attach them to your t-shirts.

And you’re done! Your dolls are now ready to go trick or treating – or host their own Halloween party. If you need Halloween party decorations then check out this post and get decorating!

Happy Halloween doll friends! If you make anything from my Blog please find me on Instagram (@galaxiadolls) and share your creations using #galaxiadolls – I love seeing what you’re all making!

Claire x

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