How to make a doll witches hat in 10 minutes

by Claire
Halloween Sindy doll

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure your dolls are ready for trick or treating and Halloween parties. If you need an easy costume accessory for your Barbie or Sindy dolls, this felt witches hat is quick and easy to make. You can easily customise it with buttons, ribbons or other trims to make it unique and stylish. You’ll find all the details on how to make your doll witches hat below. Happy Halloween!!

What you need:

  • Black felt (approx. 8″ x 5″ / 20 x 13 cm per hat)
  • Black thread
  • Needle, scissors
  • Witches hat pattern – download the pdf below

How to make the doll witches hat:

Cut out your pattern pieces. Pin the pattern pieces onto the felt and cut out the hat cone and brim pieces. With right sides together, fold the cone piece in half so the straight edges are aligned. Using a backstitch (if hand sewing) sew the edges together. Turn right side out and use something pointy to make poke the top of the hat into a nice point.

Use backstitch to attach the brim of the hat to the cone, right sides together. And you’re done with the basic witches hat!

You can add a pop of colour to your hat by sewing a ribbon around the base of the hat, or add mini star buttons or sequins.

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Claire x

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