3 Reasons Why You Need To Add A Cute Licca Chan Doll To Your Collection Today

by Claire

I have a confession to make – I ordered a doll for myself. I don’t consider myself a doll collector but maybe it’s a slippery slope and it only takes one doll to start! I feel like I need to justify my purchase, so let me explain why I got a doll and why I chose a Licca Chan Doll.

Then you’ll understand why you need one too!

1. They are very pretty

I was always a Sindy fan when I was a girl, rather than Barbie – she is just prettier (sorry Barbie fans!). The Licca Chan dolls have the same aesthetic as Sindy – larger eyes, simple face, not covered in makeup. She has an air of childlike innocence, which is sometimes missing from other dolls, and is based on an 11 year old. Her proportions are neat and not over exaggerated which adds to her appeal.

2. The Japanese sewing books for Licca dolls are beautiful

The main reason why I wanted to get a Licca Chan doll was to sew her beautiful outfits. I kept seeing images of Blythe dolls with gorgeous outfits, but I’ve never been a fan of the oversized head of Blythe dolls. The Licca Chan doll body is sometimes used to create custom Blythe dolls – so I decided to look for a Licca Chan doll to sew outfits similar to the cute Blythe outfits.

I ordered three Japanese Licca Doll sewing pattern books from Pomadours Craft Cafe on Etsy. They have a lovely selection of Japanese craft books. I ordered ‘Licca Doll’s Miniature Dresses and Small Items’ – volume 1 and 2, as well as ‘Doll Closet Seasons’. I can’t wait to get started as the outfits and accessories are adorable.

I’ll be reviewing them here as I make them and sharing tips to help you sew doll clothes.

Don’t be put off if you can’t read Japanese, the illustrations are really clear and the Google Translate App does a good job of helping if you get stuck.

3. She is the perfect big sister for Lottie Dolls

If you’ve not come across Lottie dolls yet; they are an award winning doll based on the proportions of a nine year old child, rather than an adult. She was launched in 2012 and ‘stargazer Lottie’ was the first doll in space – spending 264 days on the International Space Station. They look similar to Licca Chan dolls but are shorter – the perfect little sister size!

Licca Chan (left) and Lottie (right)

I’ll be sharing my Licca Chan outfits and reviewing the patterns as I make them – follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on new Blog Posts!

Claire x

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