by Claire

Galaxia Dolls is a blog to help you find lots of ideas to start sewing your own cloth dolls and dolls clothes – to create dolls that your children and future generations will cherish and love.  

Are you at the start of your own doll making adventure?  Did you have a special rag or cloth doll when you were little that your Mum made you – and you want to do the same for your daughter?  Do you want to make a cute outfit for your American Girl doll or Barbie? Have you seen lots of adorable felt dolls on Pinterest and want to try making one? Then you’ve come to the right place for some help, inspiration, patterns and advice so you can bring your own dolls to life and give them an amazing wardrobe.   

Have fun finding ideas for sewing cloth dolls and dolls clothes!

Me and Galaxia

My name is Claire and I’m passionate about all things sewing. My wonderful daughter, Amelie, comes up with lots of ideas and designs for me to make.  Galaxia Dolls is our adventures in doll making (our ‘sister’ blog is My Monday Makes – for more general crafts and sewing).  I’ve named it after the first cloth doll that Amelie designed and I brought into being, Galaxia.

Galaxia doll photo

We’re still learning but I wanted to share my journey with you – as I make new dolls, sew new clothes and learn new skills along the way.  This site is dedicated to everything we make that’s to do with dolls of all shapes and sizes.  I love sharing the things I’m making – inspire and help you to go on your own doll making adventures.  It’s fun because everything is in miniature and I find it very satisfying coming up with small creations. 

My love of handmade dolls started when I was a girl – my Mum made two special cloth dolls for me. My Grandma made lots of Clothkits dolls and outfits which I loved. 

I hope you have fun reading about our doll adventures and starting your own adventures!

Claire x

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