Vintage Sindy and friends Advent Calendar 2020

by Claire

This December I decided to create and share a Vintage Sindy Doll Advent Calendar on Instagram and Facebook. It was really just an excuse to re-live my childhood and play with my Sindy dolls again (but keep that a secret!).

I had great fun finding all the vintage outfits and creating sparkly festive photoshoots every day. This year mainly featured Sindy but has some guest appearances from her friends.

I found a lonely Prince Charming (I think he’s a Ken doll) in a vintage charity shop and he just had to feature on the 24th with his new found Princess (Barbie). I’d been made to watch lots of cheesy Christmas films which always have a ‘happily ever after’ ending – so I had to create a perfect fairy-tale ending to Advent. If you missed it on Instagram, then you can see them all here instead.

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Claire x

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