Doll Sewing Series #4: Pretty Pukifee Dress

by Claire
Pukifee photo

Do you start with the fabric or the pattern? I know I need to plan what I’m sewing by starting with a pattern and buying the right fabric – but I always fall in love with pretty sparkly fabric and then work out what to sew. I wouldn’t recommend it but it works for me! This post is #4 in the ‘Doll Sewing Series’ – posts designed to inspire and help you sew cute outfits for your dolls. If you’ve missed the first posts check out #3: Raglan Top and Jeans or #2 Skirt, Top and Hoodie Pattern.

Today’s pattern is from one of my ‘go to’ doll pattern sellers – Requiem Art Designs on Etsy. The shop has lots of different doll size patterns and size charts so you can make sure they fit your dolls. The pattern I used for this dress is the Tiny BJD Antique Tea Gown. This pattern is also available to fit Barbie, Blythe, Licca and Monster High dolls.


I chose a plain grey lightweight cotton for the bodice. The skirt has two layers: the rose gold polka dot underskirt and a pink sparkly tulle overskirt. The colours worked really well with my Pukifee’s pale pink hair. The pattern includes instructions for tea dying fabric if you want to create an antique look. Tea dying is what you think it is – using tea to dye the fabric (like when you used a tea bag to make a treasure map look old!)

Sewing the dress

The pattern has lots of different options, so it works well as a basic dress pattern for your dolls. You can add short sleeves, a square or sailor collar and a ruffle to the skirt. There are clear instructions for sizing the pattern for different Ball Jointed Dolls, which is really helpful as they are all slightly different shapes and sizes. I altered the sleeve pattern to create a half circle sleeve which looks cute with the tulle. The bodice is small and I found it easier to hem the neckline by hand. I use a machine for longer straight seams and gathers.

If you want to add an overskirt, then gather it separately and topstitch it to the main skirt after you have attached the skirt to the bodice. I added a thin ribbon over the top to finish the waist. I finished the back closure with hook and loop tape.

The finished outfit

I think the model is pleased with her new dress!

What are you making for your dolls at the moment? Have you been inspired to sew something? Share on Instagram using the #galaxiadolls – I love seeing everything you’re all making!

Claire x

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