Sewing clothes for tiny Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)

by Claire
bjd Cherry

I thought I’d start by introducing Amelie’s ball jointed doll (bjd), Cherry.  She took forever to arrive but was worth the wait.  She’s a Dollzone ‘Cherry’ and is only 11 cm high.  I’ve been busy making several wigs and lots of tiny outfits and accessories.  This was the first outfit I made her.

Cherry and her special teddy

Her teddy is needlefelted and I had to include cherries to go with her name. She’s wearing a summer dress, made from mustard jersey fabric with a thin ribbon and silver star around her waist to add some detail. Her hair is made from brushable mohair yarn, with a crocheted wig cap. There’s a great selection of brushable mohair yarn in the Little Oke Dolls online store.

Her outfit also includes pale grey jersey leggings which have tiny stars on – to complement the star on her dress.

Cherry with her big hair!

I hope you like my outfit!


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