Easy DIY Easter Basket for dolls

by Claire

We all love an Easter egg hunt at this time of year. I didn’t want your doll friends to feel left out this Easter, so I’ve come up with a quick and easy DIY so you can make perfect doll sized Easter baskets. You can make them to whatever size you want (if you want to go super small, you’ll need thin rope/ string). I tried out two methods – one sewing and one with my trusty glue gun. My daughter will always go for a glue gun option if she can, as it’s quick (if a little stickier)!

What you need:

  • Paper Flowers with wire attached (I got mine from The Works)
  • Crafting Rope (I found this in our local Pound shop)
  • Brown thread if sewing OR glue gun if cheating (!)
  • Tissue paper for decorating the inside of the basket
  • Mini chocolate eggs for your dolls to find in the garden (try not to eat them all first)

What to do…sewn method

Uncoil the rope and make sure it’s not tangled. Start coiling the rope tightly and secure your thread to the centre of the coil. Then as you coil, loop the thread around the rope. You’re aiming to secure the ‘new’ coil to the previous one. Keep coiling and securing with thread until the base measures the size you need. My small basket (modelled by 6″ Our Generation doll) base measured 5 cm. The larger basket (modelled by 18″ American Girl doll, Grace) measured 6 1/2 cm.

Small basket base

Once your base is the desired size, start placing the rope on top of the base as you coil it round. Continue to secure with thread as you go. When you’ve reached the height you want for your basket, secure the thread.

Making the basket sides

Cut a length of rope for your handle and stop the ends fraying by wrapping thread around each end and tying off. Then sew each end of the handle inside the basket.

finished small basket

Next, start threading your wire flowers around the basket top edge. It’s perfectly acceptable to get carried away with flowers at Easter!

Adding flowers to small basket
Finished small basket
No such thing as too many flowers…

The glue gun method…

Basically, it’s the same as above, but carefully glue the coils together. I also wrapped the ends of the handle with clear tape before gluing to the inside of the basket. As the handle needed to be bigger for the larger basket, I plaited the rope.

Base of basket
Making the basket handle
Decorating basket with flowers

And you’re done. Happy Easter egg hunting! Grace found lots, but kept dropping them…

Claire x
Easter basket tutorial

If you want to make a cute fabric Easter basket (which holds a whole load of eggs) head over to my other blog http://mymondaymakes.co.uk/sewing/easter-basket-sewing-tutorial/

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