Let’s bake! Free pattern to sew a baking outfit for your 18 inch doll.

by Claire

If you’re looking for an easy sewing project for your 18 inch dolls (American Girl doll or Our Generation doll), then this free pattern and instructions for sewing a baking outfit is the perfect place to start. An apron doesn’t need much fabric and can be sewn quickly, great for beginners to test out their sewing skills!

What you need:

  • Patterned fabric (approx 1 fat quarter)
  • Plain fabric
  • Small piece of felt (enough for the oven glove)
  • 100 cm length of Ribbon
  • Contrasting thread

Apron instructions:

Download the apron and oven glove pattern .

Cut out the pattern pieces and pin onto your fabric. You’ll need to cut one apron out of the main fabric and one of the plain fabric. Don’t cut out the oven gloves – instead cut a square big enough to fit the oven glove template in the centre. Cut two oven glove squares using the main fabric and two from felt.

To add a pocket, cut a rectangle 13 x 7.5cm from your lining fabric. Fold and press each of the sides in by 1.5cm. Then fold the top edge over again (to enclose the raw edges).

If you want to add a quote to your apron pocket, use a fabric marker. Next, sew your pocket to the front of the apron, below the ribbon (leaving the top open).

Cut a 72 cm length of ribbon and sew it centrally onto the apron main fabric, stitching at the top and bottom of the ribbon, as shown on the pattern (so the ties are equal on both sides).

Cut a 27 cm length of ribbon. Place the ends of the ribbon in line with the top edge of the main fabric, so the loop of the ribbon is pointing down, as shown on the pattern.

Pin the main fabric to the lining fabric, right sides together, making sure all of the ribbons are tucked in.

Sew all the way round the apron, leaving a gap of about 5 cm so you can turn it right side out. Turn right side out and press (avoiding any ribbons). Top stitch all the way around the edge of the apron in a contrasting colour thread.

Oven glove instructions:

Place the felt underneath the main fabric on one side of a glove square. Sew diagonal lines across the glove square, to make it look like it has been quilted. Repeat with the other side square.

Then fold over and press the bottom edge of the one side of the glove square and sew.

To finish, place both sides of the glove, right sides together and draw round your glove template (making sure the hemmed part is at the bottom of the glove). Sew around the glove shape, then trim off the excess fabric. Turn right side out and you’re done!

Finished oven glove

The tiny baking set featured in the photos is a real baking set, not a toy one. It’s by Smart Lab Toys and it comes in a little tin with a recipe book for baking miniature treats, perfect for a tiny tea party!

The fabric I used has a folksy kitchen theme, but any small patterned fabric would work well for a project like this.

Happy making and baking!

Claire and friends x

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