How to make a simple Barbie Christmas stocking

by Claire

Are your dolls ready with stockings to hang by the fireplace on Christmas eve? If not, don’t worry – I’ve come up with this cute miniature stocking for you to sew. It’s a perfect scale for Barbie, Sindy, Licca, Blythe, Lottie and friends. Not long now until Christmas – so get sewing quick!!

I can’t take credit for this method of making a stocking – there are lots of great tutorials around for full sized stockings. I tried to make a few in miniature before settling on this method from Amy Smart’s Diary of a Quilter Blog. This is my own scaled down version. For the main fabric I’ve used a gorgeous Liberty print from the ‘Merry and Bright’ collection.

What you need:

  • Main fabric 12 x16 cm
  • Lining fabric 12 x 16 cm
  • Ribbon 7cm length x 0.4 cm width
  • Tiny button (approx. 0.6cm)
  • Matching thread
  • Stocking pattern – download below

How to make the stocking:

Fold the main fabric, pin the template on top and cut out. Repeat with the lining fabric. You should have two stocking pieces in each fabric as shown in the photo below.

Next, pair one lining stocking piece with a main stocking piece and place on top of each other, right sides together (toes facing the same way). Sew a seam close to the top of the stocking. Press the seam open – see photo below. Repeat with the remaining stocking pieces.

Place one stocking piece over the other, right sides together and matching lining to lining, main fabric to main fabric – as shown below. Sew almost all the way around the stocking but leave a small gap in the lining (for turning) – see photo below.

Clip the corners, then turn right side out through the gap. Press. Then sew up the gap. Push the lining down inside the stocking. Then fold over the top of the stocking so the lining shows and forms a cuff.

To add a hanging loop, seal the ends of your ribbon with a flame or fray check liquid. Then attach as shown in the photo below, with a button over the top of the ribbon.

All you need to do now is hang them up on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa to fill them with teeny tiny presents! If you need some more Christmas crafting check out the doll Gingerbread house and Christmas Tree instructions.

Happy Christmas to all dolly crafters and sewers!!

I like sharing my sewing patterns for free, but if you want to say thank you then please buy me a coffee!

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