Cute Halloween masks for your dolls

by Claire
Barbie doll in cat mask

It’s time to get your dolls dressed up for trick or treating – so they don’t miss out on all those sweets. I’ve created some illustrated cute Halloween masks so it’s nice and easy for you to get them ‘dolled up’ for Halloween! There are three designs to print for free – a pumpkin, day of the dead skull and black witches cat, in three sizes for different dolls. The sizes will fit Lottie, Chelsea, Barbie, Sindy, American Girl and Our Generation dolls. The largest ones also fit Blythe dolls, although they cover her nose up. If you need different sizes you can change the scale setting when you print them out. Happy Halloween!

What you need:

  • Printable mask download – see below
  • Colour printer
  • Thin white A4 cardboard (I use 160gsm thickness)
  • Scissors
  • Thin elastic (for AG and Barbie sizes)
  • Embroidery thread and needle (for Lottie size)
  • Awl or compass for making holes (for AG and Barbie sizes)
  • Pin for making holes (for Lottie size)
  • Craft knife and mat for cutting eye holes out

How to make the masks

Download the file above and print onto the white cardboard. Cut out the masks you want to use. It’s easiest to cut it out with scissors and then use a craft knife for the eyes – get a adult to do this part. Make two holes either side of the mask using an awl or compass point. The tool I used wasn’t particularly sharp, but if you’re using something sharp put an eraser the other side of the mask then make the holes. For the smallest masks use a pin or safety pin to make the holes.

Next, cut a length of elastic or thread long enough to reach around the doll head and allow you to tie knots. I used about 35cm elastic for the American Girl masks and about 25 cm for the Barbie masks. With the smallest masks, use the embroidery thread and thread it through using a needle.

The elastic is attached slightly differently for each size – see the picture below. For the American Girl mask, knot the elastic on one side, thread the other side and then measure on your doll. Knot the other side so it is snug. For the Barbie mask, thread the elastic so it is doubled up and knot it at the back of the head. For the Lottie size, attach doubled up threads to either side and knot them together at the back of the head.

And you’re done! Don’t they look cute!

What to make more?

Check out my other Halloween posts for spooky t-shirts, printable decorations (doll size) and witch hat instructions!

It you’re hosting a Halloween party or just want a pretty Trick or Treat banner for your window, head over to my other Blog, My Monday Makes for more free printables.

Happy trick or treating!

Claire x

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