How to make a no sew Barbie sock dress

by Claire
barbie sock dress

Dig out your old socks and tights, get some scissors and get creative! Making Barbie clothes out of old socks and tights is a tried and tested way to make quick and easy outfits for your dolls. Here’s my take on the classic Barbie no sew sock dress, complete with very simple instructions to create two different outfits.


  • Old sock or pair of tights
  • Fray stop/ fray check liquid
  • 60 cm length of 4 cm wide ribbon or a belt – or creative with any type of ribbon

How to make the dresses

The top of the dress is the same for both the grey dress (from tights) and the striped dress (from a sock)


Turn the sock or tights right side out and if they are crumpled, then press so the toe end is flat. Cut a shallow curve for the neck, leaving about 1 cm of the toe seam either side. Then cut a shallow curve either side for the arms – see picture below – follow the white dotted lines.

sock dress
Where to cut your tights

You can decide how long you want your dress to be – make a rough cut first so you can try the dress on your doll. Fold and mark where you want the dress to end, then lay it flat and cut the hem. If you want a slit at the front, make a cut from the hem upwards (see the pink line on the photo above). Finish the raw edges with fray check to stop any fraying.

Big bows are best!

Next, make a belt for your dress using some wide ribbon tied in a bow at the back. Or find a belt to add a nice finishing touch. I used a vintage Sindy doll belt for my model. Then I completed her outfit by making a beaded necklace by threading some beads onto a wire headpin and bending the end – simple but elegant.

I hope you enjoyed making your Barbie no sew sock dress. If you want to try and simple sewing for your Barbie, check out this skirt and top.

Happy no sewing! Share your creations on Instagram using #galaxiadolls and follow me @galaxiadolls to get the latest posts and inspiration.

Claire x

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